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DeVol History

The year was 1946, the war had just ended, the troops were coming home, Harry Truman was president and the nation was about to embark on a path of unparalleled growth and prosperity. It was also the year that the DeVol patriarch, H. Don DeVol, purchased the James Clements Funeral Home. In 1947 H. Don DeVol moved the Clements Funeral Home to 2224 Wisconsin Avenue and founded DeVol Funeral Home.

While the country was settling into life in the postwar era, H. Don DeVol established a reputation for providing caring and considerate funeral services in the Washington area. As DeVol Funeral Home's reputation grew, so did the business. In the late fifties and early sixties, his sons; Robert A. DeVol, John F. DeVol, and James E. DeVol joined their father in the family business. In 1961, DeVol Funeral Home expanded to its current Georgetown location at 2222 Wisconsin Avenue.

As the years passed and Washington, D.C. grew into the metropolis it is today, DeVol Funeral Home also grew. In 1988, work was completed on our facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland. That year also saw the third generation of sons enter the family business as Robert G. DeVol and Kevin G. DeVol joined their father, uncle and grandfather.

The business, while larger, still maintained the small town values and personalized service that has made DeVol Funeral Home a Washington icon. For more than seventy years, DeVol Funeral Home has been a name that local families have trusted to provide their loved ones with all the care and dignity they deserve.


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