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Cremation Services in Maryland and Washington DC

Cremation is a form of disposition like burial and can occur at any point during the memorial process.

Traditional Service with Cremation

This option allows everyone to have a period of time when family and friends can gather to commemorate a life that has been lived and loved. The ceremony can take place at our funeral home or at another location. And, rather than being transported to a cemetery for burial, they would be taken to the crematory.

Direct or Immediate Cremation

With this option, there is no formal gathering or funeral ceremony. The deceased would be cremated in a timely manner after all necessary paperwork has been completed.

Direct Cremation with a Memorial Gathering or Ceremony

This option gives you the opportunity to have time for an informal gathering or commemorative ceremony using photos, flowers, memorabilia and/or an urn as a central focus instead of the deceased's remains.

Scattering of Cremated Remains at Sea

Rules and regulations regarding the scattering of cremated remains vary by region; we will assist in determining specific requirements.

Cremation Service Options Video

Cremation: Final Placement Choices Video



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