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Burial Vaults

Burial vaults are special receptacles made of concrete or metal that hold the casket. They are also available in steel, bronze, and copper. In the case of ground burial, most cemeteries require either a burial vault or a grave liner in addition to the casket.

Burial vaults are used to support the soil around the casket and ensure that the soil above and around the casket will not collapse, which helps minimize cemetery maintenance and keeps the cemetery grounds looking nice. Burial vaults may also be useful in protecting the casket and the remains of the deceased for many years.

If you will be burying cremated remains in a cemetery, the cemetery may require that a burial vault be used. Though regulations vary among cemeteries, in general, burial vaults and grave liners for cremated remains are much smaller than for burial since they only need to contain an urn, rather than a full size casket.

For a complete list our burial vaults please contact the funeral home.

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